Our Daily Method #13: Object#mymethods

Geplaatst door Michiel de Mare do, 21 feb 2008 08:00:00 GMT

I always have an irb or rails console session open, and I love methods to see what an object is capable of, but it certainly returns an exceptional amount of unsorted crap, especially in Rails.

Therefore, mymethods:

class Object
  def mymethods
    (methods - Object.instance_methods).sort

(1..2).methods.size # => 150
(1..2).mymethods.size # => 46

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  1. Joseph zei 3 dagen later:

    Admittedly it’s not all that revolutionary, but I mentioned the identical technique (with a different method name) at about the same time, here: http://wisdom.inventivelabs.com.au/post/26671565

    Something in the zeitgeist, I guess. ;)

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